Membership Options

Member Participation Information Sheet

Club Fee’s & Dues

1.    Each new member of the Club shall pay a membership fee of $35.00, payment of said fee to be a prerequisite for admission to membership, payable to the Secretary-Treasurer.

2.    Annual dues shall be $500.00 per member, including the subscription to The Optimist Magazine, payable in quarterly payments of $125 each as billed.

3.    No discounts shall apply to part time members. Membership is based on the desire to help the youth of our community, not on participation or financial issues.

Participation Benefits

1.    Each member is entitled to a free lunch every Monday (except July) at the Elks Club or at such time and place as may be determined by the Club Board of Directors.

2.    Members may participate in all annual Optimist Membership parties and installation dinner. Members may bring a significant other to these events for a nominal fee.

3.    Each member shall have access to the Optimist Cabin Property for uses intended by the Optimist Club.

Participation in Committee’s and their Purposes

Members shall participate on 1 or more selected committee’s

1.    Membership: In charge of membership drives, promotion and documentation.

2.    Fund Raising: in charge of developing, improving and running fund raising events.

2. (a) Budget/Finance: (a sub category of Fund Raising) consisting of executive boards (budgets) and treasurers collection, disbursement and record keeping as directed by the board.

3.    Programs: in charge of setting up speakers for the clubs meetings.

4.    Fellowship: in charge of social events for the club membership.

5.    Community Service: In charge of participation and performance of all community service programs.

6.    Publicity: In charge of promotion and recognition for the club and its community services.

7.    Cabin Property: In charge of maintenance, improvements, promotion and use of the property.

8.    Bylaws/Operations Manual: board appointed (when needed) to review bylaw policies.

Community Service Programs

Members should participate in 2 or more of the following community service programs

Youth Appreciation Day, Oratorical Contest, Tri-Star Sports Event, Bowl-A-Thon, Annual Target Christmas Shopping Event, Bike Safety Event, Koins For Kids, Adopt-A-Road, NMC Barbeque, Salvation Army Bell Ringers, Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser, Optimist Cabin Property Promotion and Improvement, Cherry Festival Beverage Pavilion, Kozy Nuts. And other programs adopted or performed by the Traverse City Optimist Club.

It is recommended that new members get involved in areas of the club where they feel they can make the most impact with their knowledge, expertise and desire, in order to improve the performance of such programs or activities, and for the purpose of improving the success and well being of the club.