Membership Dues

TC Optimist Club Members Can Pay Their Dues Online

Members of the TC Optimist Club pay $125.00 per quarter for their lunch expenses at the Elks Lodge. These dues also cover their attendance to cabin outing picnics and the summer beach picnic. These dues are solely attributed to food costs.

Full Membership Dues

Members can pay their dues online through the PayPal button below. You do not need to have a PayPal account, and you can select credit card or bank echeck to pay when using PayPal.  Or pay with your PayPal balance if you do have an account. Note: due to PayPal usage fees, this option increases dues with fees to $128

$128 per quarter – PayPal

$16.00 Lifetime Member International Dues

$26.00 Standard Member International Dues

Alliance Membership Dues

Annual Alliance membership dues can be paid online by clicking the button below or by sending payment to the address below. Please note that there is a 3% charge to use PayPal.

$231 per year – PayPal

Enjoy the Camaraderie and gratification that comes from hanging out with fellow Optimists and supporting our local youth organizations!

Your payment is applied to the name associated with your PayPal account, or name used when selecting credit card, or echeck for making payment with PayPal

Pay Dues Using Bank Account

Members may also pay their dues directly from their bank account by setting up payment to  TC Optimist Club PO Box 2258 TC Mi 49685, or directly to the TC Optimist Club account: Routing # 072402652 and Account # 0001 18408 0